Design Trends 2015-2016

Designed Fabrics

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Design Trends

Phifer's Design Team offers the freshest colors that help inspire our fall collection of samples and fabrics.  Please contact us for your COLOR CUE card set.




Beyond Blue

Phifer’s Beyond Blue Collection boasts a majestic color scheme, blending shades of blue with flashes of neutrals and cool metal tones. Evoking images of celestial skies and deep ocean excursions, this collection has a soothing yet seductive presence.

Green Scene

Underlining the celebration of life and our trust in nature to keep us grounded, Phifer’s Green Scene Collection combines delicate neutrals with shades of green and brown reminiscent of nature’s resources. Instilling a sense of wonder and awe, this timeless collection beckons you to relax.

Buckle Up

Phifer’s Buckle Up Collection pairs racy red and orange with neutrals and industrial gray. Full of energy and impact, this retro, urban-inspired collection encourages outdoor recreation and the pursuit of adventure.

Vintage Vanguard

Aristocratic, consistent and reliable, the Vintage Vanguard Collection features traditional color paired with relevant styling. Burnished gold and complex warm gray illustrate this refined and cultured spirit.

Gypsy Caravan

Celebrating individuality, artistry and multi-national influences, Phifer’s Gypsy Caravan Collection features Moroccan blue paired with market fresh spice tones. Carefree and spirited, this collection will have you hungry for adventure abroad.

Hot Tropics

Upbeat green, blue and turquoise reflect feelings of optimism in the wake of the recession. Splashy color and high-contrast patterns mark this energetic – and surprisingly livable – collection.

Chateau Getaway

Inspired by femininity, romance and worldliness, this elegantly-styled fabric collection features deep red and glamorous gold paired with dramatic black and cream. Phifer’s Chateau Getaway Collection exemplifies upscale living tinged with a touch of laidback allure and comfort.

Silver Linings

Mindful and balanced yet impeccably glamorous, Phifer’s Silver Linings Collection evokes subtle sophisticated. Warm neutrals and creamy white pair with cool metal tones for a soothing palette that feels ethereal. 

Safe Haven

Meditative blue and green collaborate to form a soothing ensemble that provides a calm retreat. Soft and sultry, yet refreshing, this collection draws influences from water and sky.

Riviera Chic

With a nod to resort wear, coastal living and island travel, Phifer’s Riviera Chic Collection celebrates a departure from humdrum color. Vibrant blue and red are accented by flashy turquoise and classic grey for a spirited collection that has a chic, continental vibe.