SheerWeave Performance+ 2390 / 2410 / 2500 - Sun Control

SheerWeave Performance+ 2390 / 2410 / 2500

SheerWeave Performance + takes the performance of traditional SheerWeave Styles 2390/2410 and 2500 fabrics “plus” the highly reflective properties of metallization and combines them to achieve the ultimate in sun control protection. By applying a thin metallized coating to the outward side of Performance+ fabrics, dark colors can achieve significant solar heat reduction comparable to what only light colors can achieve in other fabrics. The Performance+ metallized surface also improves glare reduction and outward visibility in light colors. Offered in multiple openness factors and a non-directional weave, Performance+ maximizes the best performance features of sun control in one fabric.

Photo above courtesy of Grupo American Classic

Image below shows both sides of the fabric.

performance plus

SheerWeave Performance+ 2390 / 2410 / 2500

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