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Czech woven

With over 60 years of expertise in weaving technology, Phifer sets industry-wide standards for customers who rely on US-made, high-quality wire mesh and technical fabrics from our range of technical products. Woven nets made of aluminum, steel, copper and stainless steel or vinyl-coated glass fiber and polyester yarns are used in liquid and air filtration, reinforcement and numerous other industrial applications. 


Phifer technical products manufactured in the United States include wire mesh and technical fabrics made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass and other materials. Extensive coating, surface treatment and packaging options, as well as customized cutting, calendering and heat treatment options meet the strictest specifications and tolerances.


Phifer's technical products are used in applications such as filter applications, substrate reinforcement, ventilation, industrial wind protection, shading, security and agricultural networks.


Our videos offer a quick overview of the history of Phifer, product presentations for certain technical product applications and much more.


Here you will find further information, including product literature, specific properties, wire mesh terminology and conversion tables.


You will also find answers to your questions about Phifer technical products and related materials here.