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Screen Rollers and Spline

The Phifer Screen Mouse is an innovative tool for screen installation. It feeds spline through a roller for quick screen installation, cuts repair time in half, is ergonomically designed, and works with any screening project using round spline up to .250’’ diameter.

Tela de proteção solar contra insetos

Proteja sua casa de insetos e do sol com as telas solares de proteção contra insetos da Phifer. O tecido de fibra de vidro revestido de vinil com 20×30 barra até 65% do calor do sol.

3-in-1 Screen

If you deal with small insect problems in your home, Phifer’s 3-in-1 Screen is the ideal solution for you. The multi-purpose screen keeps small insects out and offers good visibility and increased daytime privacy.

Tecido de tela de proteção solar SunScreen<sup>®</sup>

Conheça melhor a Phifer SunScreen, o tecido original trançado com tela de proteção solar. A tela SunScreen barra insetos e bloqueia até 70% do calor do sol.

Super Solar Screening

Phifer Super Solar screening blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat. Whether your windows are open or closed, reduce heat, save energy and prevent your furniture and carpet from fading.